Internal rules 2017/2018

Admission conditions

- Have personally made the choice to live in the residence

- Being student



Students are housed in individual or double studios and rooms.

If in rooms, the work and rest areas are individualized.

The atmosphere of conviviality that everyone can hope to find at the residence is everyone's responsability.

Any nuisance causing a real inconvenience may resuk after warning to penalties going to dismissal.

Any introduction of drugs or any abuse of alcohol is a case of immediate dismissal.

Animals are not allowed.

Various services are accessible: every body takes care of locations and materials.

Residence access

Residents have free access to the residence day and night.

It is given to each resident a personal badge.

During the night and weekend, for security reasons, the entrance is equipped with a video surveillance.


Visits are accepted from 9 am to 10 pm. Residents are responsible for known or unknown persons that they bring in the residence. Exceptionally, after having the agreement of the direction, residents can host one person.

Any excess of two days of accommodation will resutl in billing.


Residents must notify their departures on vacations and during weekend.

In case of unexpected absence or illness, the responsible must be notified by phone.


A contradictory inventory is established at the hanging over of the keys and at the departure.

The damage and the restoration of the studio are retained on the deposit of guarantee.

A liability insurance and a domestic insurance policy are required from each resident when renting a studio.

For security reasons, the use of gas appliance is forbidden.

To avoid accidents and legal proceedings, no objects should be placed on the edge of the window or hung outside.

It is also forbidden to clog, even temporarily, air vents whose proper functionning is essential for the conservation of premises.

The direction reserves the right to enter the studios to carry out technical visits required by security or necessary for the maintenance and the proper functioning of the establishment.

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